What ecotourism places you can visit right now?

What ecotourism places you can visit right now?


Ecotourism became extremely popular in Barcelona. If you like nature that has not been tarnished by the civilization it is time to discover the wonderful world of Spain. There are many places that you can visit at almost any time of the year.


What green tourist places near Barcelona you can visit?


Ecotourism is the best way for a tourist to stay away from millions of other travelers that come to Barcelona on a daily basis. Let’s look at the 5 variants:

  • Barcelona coast. It is the easiest solution for those who enjoy the sea and the calm sounds of waves. Mediterranean waters are considered to be extremely beautiful. This trip is inexpensive and fun. You will still be able to see the coast of the city and enjoy its beauty. But there will be no other tourists except for you and your companions.
  • Electric bike tour in Tibidabo Park. This variant is ideal for tourists that enjoy skyline views of a Barcelona city from a mountain. Despite its popularity, there would be few tourists because it is relatively hard to climb the routes. But the reward will be very pleasing to experience because for a short period of time you will become a King of the Mountain.
  • Salt Mountain in Cardona. This time you will be traveling inside a mountain that is partially covered in salt. This trip could even cause health improvement. The excursion usually takes about 5 hours. You will surely enjoy watching a unique natural phenomenon.
  • Wine and Oil tasting. Visit Pla de Bages - a region that is surrounded by mountains. You just can’t visit Spain and miss the vine tasting experience in a secluded place like that. The guide will take care of all the transfers and lunch.
  • Costa Brava Snorkeling and Kayaking. A 6-hour trip that starts in Barcelona and ends on the secluded coast of Costa Brava. The snorkeling and kayaking equipment will be provided by the instructors. 
  • You can also visit cannabis cafe in Barcelona!


There are even more places where ecotourism is available. But these places are the most popular.