What do you need to know about Barcelona's nightlife?

What do you need to know about Barcelona's nightlife?

  After you have spent several days exploring sights, beaches and restaurants it is time to switch to the nightlife of the city which is rich and interesting. The number of clubs can amaze even an experienced traveler. If you are looking for entertainment that you will remember for a long time, try Barcelona nightclubs.


The advantage of almost any club is the fact that you can enter them for free before 1 a.m. It is better to visit the city during such festivals as Sonar and Primavera Sound. There are also a lot of beach parties – some hotels even organize dance squares on the roof where you can also chill in the pool. It is better to visit clubs during the weekend. From time to time you can visit a concert by a popular DJ.


If you are a glamorous and verve person you will be surprised that you will not see much glamour in this city. But the dress code is almost absent as long as you are not naked or too eccentric. You can’t smoke in most clubs because of the legislation changes in 2011.


Nightlife in Barcelona starts at midnight but people tend to come at 2 a.m. Usually, most clubs close at 6 a.m. but you can always continue partying on the beach or go to another club. It is advisable to visit Barrio Gotico or Rambles Street where it is much easier to find a club or an open-air dancing party.


All clubs in Barcelona can be divided into summer and all-year-round. If you are tired of dancing, visit a cafe or restaurant. Most bars are working till 3 a.m. so you will have to order drinks in advance. But you will definitely find a place to dance in this wonderful city.

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