It is one of the old clubs with faithful members.

It maintains its reputation at a high level by always offering better products, qualified personnel and updated facilities.

Here you will feel like a part of its history, you will spend your time very well and you will get an unforgettable experience.

Club Features

Parking Bicycle / Skateboard
Members only
No fotos
Table games

Customer Review

  • Cris Volkeri
    1 year ago

    great experience !!!

  • Racsha Alladin
    1 year ago

    Me and my buddies hanged out an afternoon at this smoke club and had a lot of fun. Lots of strains and a great environment. I’m still kind of high.

  • Monica Roma
    2 years ago

    Muy buen trato por parte del personal, el lugar es súper acogedor y está bien decorado. Muy buen producto y la relación calidad es excepcional

  • Ghost 777
    2 years ago

    WoW!!! Nice club # perfect Stuffff/

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